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George: our growing economy

George: our growing economy


George boasts a well-diversified economy that proved very resilient in the face of the economic downturn since 2008. The George economy will build and hold a competitive position in key niche areas years to come through areas such as:



Berry production

George is ideally suited climatically for berry growing, a number of private entities have recently expanded their berry production and packaging facilities.



We wish to see George grow as a centre of excellence in education. Our schools, colleges and NMMU are highly regarded institutions with the latter currently growing its campus significantly.


Dairy production and processing

The Garden Route is long known as dairy producing area, and strong national brands such as Lancewood is well established in George. It is anticipated that given changing dairy production patterns across South Africa, the area could play an even more important role in years to come.



Long famous for its magnificent forests, timber harvesting and processing form a large part of the manufacturing base of the George area. A number of large saw mills handle primary processing, and a wide range of timber products, from structural timber to furniture is produced locally.


Vegetable production

Recently the McCain processing facility in George closed its doors. It is a big loss for any economy when such a strong company disinvests after many decades. This however just highlights the growing importance of small scale vegetable production and the market access needs that this presents. There is a growing “market culture” in George, with residents choosing to support local producers of good quality produce, this trend could offer significant entrepreneurial opportunities in future.


Hops Usage

George is the only area in South Africa where Hops is grown commercially, with the SAB Rob Roy drying facility also located locally. With the emerging world trend around craft beers and an increased interest in this age old craft, George could be well positioned as the Hops capital of South Africa.



Other areas that are also showing promise in terms of economic growth are tourism, small scale niche manufacturing and the construction industry. Approximately 320 000 overseas visitors and 1,2-million domestic visitors visit the Garden Route each year to participate in adventure, sport and conferencing tourism. Educational facilities have firmly established themselves in George and have indicated a willingness to expand their campuses.


Economic Infrastructure

Municipal electricity distribution capacity far exceeds demand and the network can easily carry new large scale developments.

The existing road network requires constant upgrading in the realm of traffic-systems management in order to provide additional capacity at intersections, to reduce delays and cost of travel and to improve safety. Putting in place a world-class road and transport system is a priority for George Municipality.




AA Highly Recommended 2007/2008

 AA Highly Recommended 2007/2008